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Steven J. Boyington, AIA LEED AP

Managing Partner & VP


Professional Profile
Steve has been working in the field of architecture since 1974 and received his professional license in 1983 after earning his Masters Degree in Architecture from M.I.T. in 1981. His notable projects include Lakeland City Hall, Lakeland Train Station, Mayfair Town Center, and award winning Garden District (Lakeland) and Cleveland Street (Clearwater) Plans as well as restoration projects including Lake Mirror Promenade, Ocala Train Station, and Lake Mirror Tower.


In 2009, Steve became an Accredited  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Professional. This designation is consistent with his long interest in sustainable design in Central Florida, starting back in 1981 with his thesis at MIT on “Energy Strategies for Central Florida.”

Special Achievements
Time in Villa in Italy with friends, two children that are “Gators”

Books, Travel, Wine

Favorite Quote
“The apparent simplicity of the solution is inversely proportional to the understanding of the problem.”


On Tuscan Time - Photo by Tom Mack